Good news for last-minute Father's Day shoppers

June 14, 2013

If you’re looking for a last-minute Father's Day gift, the state wants you to know you likely won’t get cheated at the register.The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures did 28 unannounced inspections at retailers statewide, looking at the items people often buy for their dads, like ties, cologne and watches. Those inspections, however, did not look into whether fathers actually want or need any of those things.

Two stores failed their inspections. A Kmart store overcharged on two items, and a Marshalls got a citation for not having a policy dealing with overcharges.

But otherwise, stores were more likely to undercharge. Inspectors paid less than they should have at a quarter of the shops they checked, and many of those undercharges were in the watch department.

Overall, those inspectors audited more than 3,400 items and scanned more than $31,000 worth of merchandise.

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