Governor Brewer calls lawmakers into special session

June 11, 2013

Members of the Arizona House of Representatives expected to be off work until Thursday—until Governor Jan Brewer decided to call them into special session last night.

The legislature had adjourned for the day, but the Governor called a special session on the state budget and a proposal to expand Medicaid coverage to three hundred thousand additional low income residents in Arizona.

The House had been expected to take up Medicaid expansion early Tuesday, but Speaker Andy Tobin opted to instead delay that and other budget-related votes until Thursday.

Minority Leader Chad Campbell said that was a sign the will of the majority that supports Medicaid was being subverted by the delay.

The Governor had already expressed her displeasure with the Legislature's slow pace this session as Republican leaders have refused to pass her proposal.

The Senate approved Medicaid expansion several weeks ago when a handful of Republicans teamed with all thirteen Democrats.

The House has been poised to bring together a similar coalition.

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