West-MEC Technical Education District Passes Bond By 10,000 Votes

By Casey Kuhn
Published: Monday, November 28, 2016 - 8:12am
Updated: Monday, November 28, 2016 - 9:01am
Lauren Gilger/KJZZ
Students learn at West-MEC’s Aviation Maintenance and Technology class.

Initial results after election day showed a $100 million bond for a technical-education school district based in Glendale failing. But once all votes were in, the bond passed.

The Western Maricopa Education Center district, or West-MEC, had a $141 million bond up for vote this month that looked to be failing on election day.

That was a surprise to West-MEC superintendent Greg Donovan.

“It was very disappointing, in the fact that we had no resistance during this entire bond campaign,” Donovan said.

But when additional ballots were counted, the sides switched and votes slowly crept up, passing the bond by 10,000 votes.

Donovan said the bond money will help expand West-MEC’s Buckeye and Surprise campuses, and future growth to match the West Valley’s increasing population.

“We may never spend all the 141 million we have authorized," Donovan said. "But it’s very nice that we have that ability to grow with the community if that’s appropriate.”

West-MEC offers career programs for jobs in construction, medical assisting and pharmacy tech.