Public School Bonds And Overrides Passed At Higher Rate This Election Day

Published: Monday, November 21, 2016 - 8:48am

Many public school systems around the state will have more funding to work with next year. Local overrides and bonds were approved by voters at a higher rate than years past.

When it comes to maintenance and school operation overrides, which can be used to help districts reduce class sizes and increase teacher pay, voters statewide approved more than 80 percent of the proposals. That’s an improvement from previous years when the passage rate was in the 60 percent range.

Jaime Molera, a partner with Molera Alvarez and former state schools chief, said the trend is likely to continue in the near future thanks to a growing perception among voters that there hasn’t been a robust funding system coming from the state.

"I think you’re starting to see school districts not just throw them on the ballot and hope for the best but they’re starting to become a little more aggressive so that they can win those things," he explained.

In total, voters approved more than $1 billion in overrides and district bonds on election day this year.

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