Sen. John McCain speaks out about sexual misconduct in the military

June 04, 2013

Arizona Sen. John McCain said Tuesday he cannot fully endorse women joining the military until the problem of sexual assault among its personnel is solved.

Sen. John McCain Arizona Sen. John McCain shared a story of a woman asking his opinion on her daughter joining the military at the Senate Armed Services hearing. (Photo courtesy of Senator John McCain's Youtube channel)


McCain spoke at a Senate Armed Services hearing, where a panel of the highest-ranking generals in the country had gathered.

"Just last night a woman came to me and said her daughter wanted to join in the military, and could I give her unqualified support for her doing so? I could not," McCain said.

McCain said he is disgusted and disappointed by continued reports of sexual misconduct in the military.

Victims of assault say their commanding officers have not properly respond to reports of rape and other sex crimes.

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