Republican Attorney General Candidates Faced Off In Televised Debate

Published: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 2:31pm

The two Republican candidates for Attorney General faced off last night in a televised debate on KAET. Incumbent Tom Horne has faced several scandals and investigations during his time in office, including recent charges that his staff does campaign work on state time.

Many prominent Republicans, including Governor Jan Brewer, have endorsed Horne’s opponent Mark Brnovich. But Horne said that’s irrelevant.

“There’s a small self-selected group of people who consider themselves the establishment and they want to choose the candidates and the office holders and control them,” Horne said. “But they don’t choose the candidates, the voters do.”

Brnovich has repeatedly hit Horne during the campaign for what he sees as his ethical failings.

But when asked whether he’s running for Attorney General or against Tom Horne, Brnovich said, “I’m the only candidate running that has actually prosecuted cases in both the federal and state system. I’m the only candidate that’s worn our country’s uniform. I’ve been the director of a law enforcement agency. I would put my credentials and my résumé up against everyone.”

Early voting in the primary begins this week. Election Day is August 26. Either Horne or Brnovich will face presumptive Democratic nominee Felecia Rotellini. 


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