Memorial Day DUI arrests go up

May 28, 2013

More people statewide were charged with drunk driving over the Memorial Day weekend compared to last year, and the Governor’'s Office of Highway Safety is concerned. Director Alberto Gutier said he would like to see the number of traffic stops go up and the number of DUI arrests go down, but just the opposite happened this Memorial Day. About 560 people were arrested, a dozen more than last year. Gutier said an even bigger concern is that 103 people were found driving with drugs in their system.  

“What we see a lot is of course the prescription drugs,” Gutier said. The Oxycotin, the Xanax and also some of the things that are supposed to be banned like bath salts that are sold in some smoke shops.”

Gutier said a DUI conviction can cost up to $5,000 for a first offense and twice that or more for a second offense.

About 1,660 officers were patrolling Arizona roads during the holdiay looking for impared drivers.

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