Arizona Senator John McCain makes a surprise visit to rebel forces in Syria

May 27, 2013

Arizona Senator John McCain spent his Memorial Day meeting with rebel leaders in Syria Monday.

John McCain Sen. John McCain traveled to Syria Monday, according to reports. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Sen. McCain)


According to reports from CNN and Politico, McCain met with the Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council Leader General Salem Idris.

Media reports said McCain stayed in the country for several hours today before returning to Turkey. The reporters on the scene in Turkey said Syria’s rebel leaders called on the United States to step up its support to the Syrian Armed Opposition and provide them with heavy weapons.  

The rebels also want the U.S. to impose a no-fly zone in Syria and perform airstrikes on the Syrian regime and Hezbollah forces.

McCain has previously pressured the Obama administration to increase its support for Syrian rebels, calling for "game-changing" action to end the civil war.

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