Fire restrictions start Wednesday

May 22, 2013

Fire restrictions go into effect throughout much of the state Wednesday and Thursday. They generally apply to both state and federal land.  Under the Stage One restrictions, campfires are not allowed, except in some developed campgrounds, and smoking is only allowed inside vehicles, or in areas with three feet around them without flammable materials. Items with shutoff valves, like propane grills, will be allowed.

Dolores Garcia with the Bureau of Land Management in Arizona said these kinds of restrictions have been pretty common around this time of year for at least the last decade.

"We always get the complaint this time of year of, ‘Oh, but it’s just no fun camping without a campfire' and, my response usually is, ‘You think you can’t camp without a campfire, try camping without a forest,'" Garcia said. "It’s really a way to try to do what we can to ensure that we have areas to be able to enjoy in the future."

Garcia said some areas of the state are exempt from the restrictions. They include some areas north of the Grand Canyon and areas the BLM manages on the Arizona strip in the northwest corner of the state. She said the restrictions will stay in place until further notice, likely into July or August.

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