Arizona Storytellers: Melissa Dunmore

By KJZZ News
Published: Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 9:05am
Updated: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 2:45pm

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AZ Storytellers - Melissa Dunmore
Courtney Pedroza/Arizona Republic
Melissa Dunmore shares her story at the 9pm showing of the Love and Heartbreak storytelling event on February 10, 2016, at Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix. Dunmore is a Community Development Specialist at Southwest Human Development.

KJZZ partners with the Arizona Republic to bring you the Arizona Storytellers series. We record the live events and share them with you on the radio. In Phoenix, the storytellers sometimes share stories about our community or the life events that have shaped them in general. Megan Finnerty is the creator of the series. 

Several years ago, Melissa Dunmore enrolled in an intensive Farsi language class and Persian club at ASU. One night after Persian club, her boyfriend didn’t pick her up as promised. When her calls went unanswered, she took a cab home and found her boyfriend passed out on the couch with an empty liquor bottle on the floor. Since she was locked out of the house, Dunmore crawled over the backyard wall.

Melissa Dunmore is a community development specialist at Southwest Human Development.

The next storytelling event is Oct. 27, 2016, at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

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