Three years of Prop 100: How the penny tax affected Arizona

May 17, 2013

Three years ago, Arizona voters overwhelmingly decided to temporarily raise the state sales tax by a penny on the dollar. Now, as Proposition 100 is set to expire at the end of May, KJZZ is looking at the impact the tax has had on the state — from public policy to business to education. 

May 4
Economist: Proposition 100 was unavoidable, helpful

Alan Maguire, President and Principal Economist of The Maguire Company in Phoenix and veteran of many state budgets, said the one cent sales tax was unavoidable and did what supporters said it would do.


May 11
Small business owner reflects on Proposition 100's impact

Some of the loudest critics of Proposition 100, the voter-approved temporary one cent sales tax increase, were small business owners.


May 18
School official: Prop 100 spared deeper education cuts

One of the biggest selling points made by supporters of Prop 100 was that two thirds of the money would go to education and prevent deeper cuts to schools.


May 25
Prop 100 critic: Tax increase not the end of the world

Tom Jenney, Arizona Director of Americans for Prosperity, said he didn’t like the idea of raising taxes, but that its impact on the state hasn’t been too bad.



Read the text of Prop 100 from the May 2010 Special Election.



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