Study: Arizonans are driving less, using more mass transit

May 14, 2013

New research indicates that Arizona drivers are spending less time on the road. The study found that spikes in gas prices and increased use of mass transit are behind the trend.

The report was released by the nonpartisan Arizona Public Interest Research Group.

The findings are based on information from the Federal Highway Administration. AZPIRG's Serena Unrein said a change in demographics is partly responsible for fewer miles driven in the state.

"The trendaway from driving has been led by young people and for a host of reasons: Everything from advances in technologies that make it more attractive to use transportation alternatives, a desire to be more environmentally friendly, higher gas prices," Unrein said.

Unrein said the study shows that since 2007, Arizonans have spent 5 percent less time driving. She hopes the report will send a message to lawmakers that more tax dollars should be spent on mass transit projects in Arizona, but the report doesn't clearly identify funding sources. 

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