Nice weather is helping firefighters control a wildfire near Safford

May 09, 2013

Firefighters are battling a 40 acre wildfire at Rincon Canyon near Safford in southeast Arizona. The so-called Marijilda fire is about 70 percent contained. Coronado National Forest spokeswoman Heidi Schewel said 30 firefighters are working the blaze that has spread in oak trees and brush. She said the fire also is being attacked from above by planes and a helicopter.

“We have air support in the form of three air tankers that were dropping retardant on the fire to help cool it so firefighters could get in and construct fire lines which is actually what puts the fires out," Schewel said.

Authorities said the weather in the area has been cool and calm, so that is why they believe the fire probably was human caused.

There are some summer homes and a telescope complex on Mount Graham near the blaze, but no buildings are currently threatened.