ASU reveals second new Sparky design this year

May 08, 2013

After a revamp of its iconic mascot prompted mass derision, Arizona State University has unveiled another new design for Sparky the Sun Devil. But this time, the university community had a say.

Sparky The rejected Sparky mascot design (left) and the mascot chosen by fans in an online vote. (Images courtesy of ASU)

Sparky has been around since 1946, and the costume has gone through several changes. Earlier this year, ASU revealed a new look for the mascot.

Reaction was overwhelmingly negative, with commenters saying he was creepy, looked like a bumblebee, as well as plenty of other, unrepeatable remarks.

The university was admittedly caught off guard, so it came up with four different designs for the mascot’s head that looked more like the traditional Sparky. Last month, A-S-U launched a website to let students, alumni, and fans vote for their favorite option.

Wednesday, ASU announced the winner -- Option B, the design that the school says was patterned most closely after the original Sparky. It won by a landslide.

The new mascot will be in place when the fall semester starts in August.

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