New state law requires taxi drivers take a drug test pre-employment

May 08, 2013

A new state law is designed to help keep taxi drivers who are high on drugs from getting behind the wheel. Current law requires companies that hire drivers or lease out vehicles do a criminal background check, first. This new law adds the requirement of a pre-employment drug test. 

Director of the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures Kevin Tyne said the move was long overdue.

"We're aware that nearly every other jurisdiction that regulates and oversees and licenses for-hire vehicles like taxis, liveries and limousines have some sort of a basic drug testing requirement, and Arizona was notably absent in that regard," Tyne said.

The measure takes effect later this year, but its reach is limited. While it requires drug testing, there is nothing that prohibits a firm from hiring or refusing to fire someone who tests positive.

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