Authorities arrest a man suspected of starting 10 fires in woods near Flagstaff

May 06, 2013

The Arizona U.S. Attorney’s office said a man suspected of starting a series of wildfires in northern Arizona over the weekend has been arrested.  All of the fires were located near Marshall Lake south of Flagstaff. Authorities said the man was arrested Sunday night as he was walking in the woods near Lake Mary outside of Flagstaff not far from the scene of the fires.

The Coconino County Sheriff’s office said the man has not been identified, but investigators said he was wearing boots that matched the footprints found near one of the fires.

Authorities say 10 suspicious fires were reported, starting on Friday with more blazes spotted in the area on Saturday.

Firefighters were able to put out the fires before they spread, and only a few acres of timber and brush were destroyed.  All of the fires were fully contained by Sunday night.  Investigators have not released any details about the arrest, and no formal charges have been filed yet.

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