Nevada lawmakers consider "commuter tax" for Arizonans who work in the Silver State

May 06, 2013

Some people in Arizona who cross the state line to work in Nevada may be required to pay a “commuter tax.” Supporters of the proposed fees say they would create revenues for Nevada road maintenance and construction.Nevada lawmakers are considering two bills that would tax Arizona commuters who live within 30 miles of the state line. One would charge Arizonans who work in Nevada a $33 annual registration fee for each vehicle they own. The other bill would charge Arizona business owners $200 for the first vehicle and $150 for additional vehicles used in Nevada.

Both proposals are getting a chilly reception in the casino town of Laughlin, Nevada, where 80 percent of the workforce comes from Bullhead City, Arizona.   

Laughlin Town Manager Jacquelyn Brady said she is worried the fees would keep Arizonans at home.

“They feel like they are not welcome here in Nevada if those laws are passed.  They’d feel like they are not appreciated," Brady said. "They’d feel like they are being punished for wanting to work over here.”

Both of the bills are under review in the Nevada Assembly and must be approved before lawmakers adjourn in June. Arizona passed a similar commuter tax for people in Nevada within 25 miles of the border, but people who live in Laughlin are not required to pay the fees.


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