Arizona Supreme Court reduces former prosecutor's suspension

May 02, 2013

The Arizona Supreme Court has reduced the suspension of a former Maricopa County prosecutor by a day. But, that one day makes a difference.The justices Thursday cut Rachel Alexander’s suspension from six months and a day down to six months. In their opinion, the justices note a suspension of more than six months requires a “more onerous reinstatement process,” during which Alexander would have to demonstrate her rehabilitation, which could, in essence, make her suspension even longer. Instead, the court is requiring Alexander to take ten hours of classes focusing on ethical responsibilities of Arizona lawyers.

Alexander had been sanctioned by a judicial panel for pressing criminal charges without probable cause against judges and county officials and filing a federal racketeering lawsuit that was judged frivolous. She appealed her suspension to the state's high court, arguing she didn’t know the racketeering lawsuit was frivolous. The controversies cost former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and a top deputy their law licenses.

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