Victims of gun violence protest outside Senator Jeff Flake's office

May 02, 2013

Victims of gun violence gathered Thursday outside Senator Jeff Flake’s Phoenix office. They pleaded with the senator to explain his recent vote against background checks for gun sales.

Jeff Flake Office Family and victims of Tucson and Aurora shootings ask Jeff Flake to talk with them on the background check vote.(Photo by Peter O'Dowd-KJZZ)

About 30 people circled around Mary Reed who stood at a podium outside Flake’s central Phoenix headquarters. She was shot three times by Jared Loughner in Tucson.

"I have requested meetings and gotten (a) delightful, 'No thank you.' I’ve even sent a letter," Reed said. "Please come to my home. Meet with me."

Reed and others are still upset about Flake’s no-vote in last month’s debate over universal background checks. They wanted to meet with the senator during this week’s recess.

Flake said he has been vocal on the issue and has explained several times that he supports stronger background checks, but he said the bill he voted against would include too many restrictions for private gun sales.



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