On The Line, Firefighters Incarcerated And Free Share Same Goal

Published: Monday, September 26, 2016 - 3:50pm
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(Photo by Ordinary Miracles Photography via Instagram)
The Cedar Fire is burning near Show Low in eastern Arizona.

The state of California is looking for new options when it comes to fighting wildfires. For years, the state has placed considerable reliance on lower level inmates to help along the fire line.

Recent legislation that will release some of those offenders from prison could give California a shortfall.

To learn more about inmate firefighting, we spoke with former wild land firefighter Bill Gabbert of Wildfire Today and University of Arizona doctoral student Lindsey Feldman, who became a certified firefighter herself to be alongside the inmates.

"Once the firefighters are out on the line, they all have the common bond of working toward the same goal: fighting the fire," Gabbert said.

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