Donald Trump Ramps Up Ground Campaign In Arizona

By Jimmy Jenkins
Published: Monday, September 26, 2016 - 8:52am
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(Photo by Jimmy Jenkins - KJZZ)
A young Donald Trump supporter takes home a sign from the Trump headquarters in Mesa
(Photo by Jimmy Jenkins)
The Trump campaign says it gave out more than 1,000 yard signs at an event in Mesa on Saturday

With six weeks left before the general election, Donald Trump supporters are ramping up their ground campaign in Arizona. While Arizona is normally a reliably red state, recent polling shows Clinton within just a few points of Trump. On Saturday, the Trump campaign gave out thousands of yard signs at their headquarters in Mesa.

Campaign spokesman Brian Seitchik said even in the days of social media and online ads, nothing compares to the power of a yard sign.

“It’s sort of just another indication of the grass roots support," Seitchik said. "You can purchase television, you can purchase radio, you can purchase digital but you can’t purchase yard signs.”

He said having that physical endorsement in someone’s yard is invaluable in a close race.

Trump supporter Ed Cox loaded a four foot by eight foot sign into his baby blue vintage pickup truck. He said putting up signs is a way to show other supporters they aren’t alone.

“I hope people think that there’s enough people out there that they’re not embarrassed to vote for Trump," Cox said. "That they’re actually seeing that there’s people out there that are not ashamed.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham said getting supporters to put up a yard sign in is a way to start a conversation with reluctant voters.

"It's like an invitation to their neighbors when they see other people that are getting out there and sticking their neck out,” Graham said

Derrik Rochwalik runs the East Valley Victory offices which focus on supporting Republican candidates though outreach and phone banking. He said Trump's candidacy has brought out many people that are new to politics.

"I've talked to a lot of people who say they've never volunteered for a candidate before. He's also bringing out a lot of the independents," Rochwalik said.

With national polling showing the election getting ever closer before tonight’s debate, both sides will need to do all they can to motivate reluctant supporters to get to the polls.