Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas will run for governor

April 25, 2013

Disbarred former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas says he’s running for governor. He’ll file the official paperwork Friday afternoon.

In a statement he released on Thursday evening, Thomas said he’ll be focusing on the need to protect public safety, ensure border security and fight corruption.

In April of 2012, Thomas was disbarred from the practice of law by a disciplinary panel convened by the Arizona Supreme Court. The panel found that Thomas pursued unwarranted criminal charges against Maricopa County officials, including judges, because he considered them political enemies when he was county attorney. Thomas says he was trying to target corruption among powerful figures and paid for that by losing his livelihood.

The last time Thomas ran for office was 2010, when he lost the Republican primary for Attorney General to Tom Horne. Earlier this week, Republican lawmaker Al Melvin and former Board of Regents Chair Democrat Fred DuVal announced they’d be gubernatorial candidates.

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