Air traffic controllers begin furloughs at Sky Harbor

April 24, 2013

Air traffic controllers at Phoenix Sky Harbor have begun their mandated furloughs. The cutbacks are required under sequestration, which is forcing across-the-board budget cuts at federal agencies. 

The FAA says 10 percent of air traffic controllers will be off on any given day. It says the cutbacks have had minimal impact on Sky Harbor operations. 

Michael Gonzales is a safety inspector with the FAA. He represents the Professional Aviation Safety Specialists, and says the furloughs could also lead to delayed certifications and inspections.

"Not only is our flying public being impacted by sequestration and furlough, but the employees that oversee the safety of the national airspace system, they're also being affected by not being able to stay current in their own training," Gonzales said.

Gonzales says FAA employees must stay current on their training. He says a recent training session was canceled due to sequestration.

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