Raul Grijalva criticizes ?path to citizenship? as too long

April 23, 2013

Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva weighed in on the immigration reform bill, unveiled in the Senate last week, by saying its 'path to citizenship' is too long and the costs of becoming a citizen are too high. Grijalva, who heads the progressive caucus in the House, also thought the bill pours too much taxpayer money into border security.

“I don’t know if that gesture—of an additional $3 billion, 3,500 additional border patrol agents, drones, additional fencing, technological requests that are a part of that—is going to make border security 100 percent,” Grijalva said.

Grijalva said if stricter border security is to be approved, there need to be some safeguards like audits, accountability, an ombudsman, and due process, as part of the enforcement package.

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