Legislature will consider more funding for Redistricting Commission

April 22, 2013

An Arizona House committee has given permission for the introduction of a supplemental appropriations bill for the state's redistricting commission.

The Arizona Legislature is planning to consider the supplemental appropriation for the Independent Redistricting Commission, the body that drew up new legislative and congressional districts following the 2010 Census.

The commission is the subject of several lawsuits challenging how it drew the district maps. A weeklong trial on the state legislative maps was held in federal court last month. A group of Republican voters claims the maps were illegally drawn to favor Democratic candidates.

The Legislature approved an emergency $500,000 appropriation in January. The commission is now asking for between $635,000 and $720,000 to pay legal and other bills through June 30. House Speaker Andy Tobin says a bill will call for just over $635,000 in extra funding.

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