Brewer Continues To Raise Money For Yet-To-Be-Determined Endorsement

Published: Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 10:08am

Gov. Jan Brewer is building funds to help determine who controls the state Legislature, and possibly who succeeds her as governor. 

So far, after expenses, she’s raised some $635,000 and the pot continues to grow. Brewer tells Capitol Media Services she has not decided who will benefit from the fund.

“The primaries haven't started yet. Nor has the general election. So we're gathering up our dollars and getting ready to expend them at the appropriate time to make a difference,” Brewer said.

That should help protect Republicans who supported her Medicaid expansion last year, and since Brewer supports the Common Core academic standards, candidates who support that approach to education, and many GOP candidates do not, are likely to benefit. 

But Brewer says she has not decided who she’ll endorse for governor, or how much money she’ll commit to the race.

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