Gov. Jan Brewer's approval ratings drop to 31 percent

April 22, 2013

Governor Brewer's job approval ratings have taken a hit. Behavioral Research Center President and CEO Jim Haynes says the governor remains popular with Republicans and conservatives in the latest poll, but lost ground with other constituencies. He says her approval rating, which was 37 percent a year ago, has dropped to 31 percent.

“Job approval rating, that’s just a number in a point in time,” Haynes said. “That’s not necessarily a reflection on, you know- if she were eligible for another term, whether she would be reelected or not.”

Haynes says Brewer gets the strongest approval ratings from people over the age of 55, while those under 35 gave her just a 25 percent approval rating, with 35 percent disapproving of Brewer's performance. While her approval ratings were up among Republicans, Haynes says the number of Republicans rating Brewer as performing poorly, has nearly doubled.

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