Immigrant rights advocates hopeful about new bill

April 19, 2013

Arizona immigrant rights advocates say there is a lot to like about the Gang of Eight immigration reform proposal, but also several areas for concern. 

Tucson immigration attorney Mo Goldman calls the measure a breath of fresh air after years of frustration.  Goldman likes the bill's DREAM Act and legalization components, along with the possibility of a guest worker program.  But he's concerned about the impact of billions of dollars earmarked for security along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"The Tucson sector is essentially ground zero for their border security proposal. And so obviously, there's some concern about the increased militarization on the border," Goldman said.

Goldman acknowledges that reform measure isn't likely to get far in the U.S. House of Representatives without border security component as well as a national mandate for employers to use the E-Verity system to check applicants.

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