Latino-inspired baby food launches

April 11, 2013

A new line of baby food is hitting the market this summer. Beech-Nut and Latino based food company Goya have joined to create Latino flavored food.

The Swiss-based Beech-Nut Company and Spain’s Goya Food are launching what they call Latin flavored baby food combinations. The new product line will include mango, guava, and papaya and other items.

Goya and Beech-Nut said their research study shows consumers want more convenient food with different flavors.

Bessie Ramírez is with the Los Angeles based Latino marketing firm Santiago Solutions Group. She said the partnership is smart and unique because baby food products are limited to certain items. Ramírez said the partnership is about being innovative with food, while capitalizing on each of their respective markets.

"If you look at the flavors that they’re launching it doesn’t sound like they’re too extreme, but, rather, just offering a very nice variation within what’s out there right now for baby products," Ramírez said.

Ramírez said this partnership targets Hispanic millennials assimilating into American culture.

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