Scottsdale approves pedicab ordinance, requires driver's licenses

April 10, 2013

The Scottsdale City council approved a measure Tuesday night regulating pedicabs on its city streets.

Pedicab operators must now have commercial insurance and a driver’s license to do business in Scottsdale. City officials say requiring a driver’s license assures pedicab operators are aware of the rules of the road and allows the city to check the operator’s background.

Other requirements include equipping pedicabs with front lights, rear, side, and spoke reflectors, a rearview mirror and a braking system. The ordinance also sets the dimensions for the pedicabs and stipulates that operators must stay on bike lanes on streets with 35 miles per hour or higher speed limits.

Under the new law, a first time offense carries a $150 fine, $300 for a second violation. The law goes into effect next month.