Educators Meeting In Denver To Discuss Testing, Funding, Safety

Published: Monday, June 23, 2014 - 10:15am

Thousands of educators from every state are meeting in Denver this week to address the topics facing students, schools and the teaching profession.

It’s the 152nd annual meeting of the National Education Association and Andrew Morrill, who heads the Arizona NEA, says a number of issues will be discussed, like the Common Core standards.

“I hope, at least in Arizona, that we are past whether or not to pursue the Common Core standards, we have a different name for them in Arizona,” Morrill said. “They still speak to high expectations for students.”

Morrill says however that one test delivered on a single day or over several days cannot show the full range of a student’s accomplishments.

He says testing, school funding and school safety are among the topics to be discussed at the conference between June 26 and July 6.

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