Arizona receives "B" grade in new study on government transparency

March 26, 2013

Arizona receives high marks in a new survey that evaluates public access to state spending records. But researchers say there’s room for more government transparency in the state.

The report has been released by the non-partisan Arizona Public Interest Research Group, or AZPIRG. It gives Arizona a “B” grade for fiscal responsibility and public access to state spending records.

In fact, Arizona received the 12th highest grade in the nation.

But, AZPIRG spokeswoman Serena Unrein said the state needs to start posting subsidies it provides for business growth on a public website.

“We should be able to see who the recipients of economic development tax credits made through the Arizona Commerce Authority are and right now the public doesn’t have that information.  So that transparency should be extended to tax credits," she said.

Unrein said there’s more accountability and less wasteful spending when state officials know that citizens have access to their bookkeeping methods. She said Arizona counties, cities, towns and school boards are doing more to make their accounting records open to the public too.  

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