Phoenix considers $1.2 million effort to preserve Frank Lloyd Wright homes

March 20, 2013

The half-dozen Frank Lloyd Wright designed-buildings in Phoenix could be designated as historical landmarks. The Phoenix City Council could decide today if they’ll allocate funds to assure the buildings are protected.

flag at half mast The David and Gladys Wright House in Phoenix. (Photo courtesy of Scott Jarson)

NADINE ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: A proposed plan by the Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission calls for $1.2 million to preserve several structures. The city would seek a national historic designation for five homes, one church and the remnants of a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The preservation effort stems from a dispute in 2012, when one Wright home was almost demolished. Mark Briggs is with the Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission. He says the city’s connection to the internationally known architect should be protected.

MARK BRIGGS: To not to that makes the City of Phoenix look bad on the world stage and national stage. And, it really is a discredit to us if we don’t take these steps and make sure that we take care of these things that really are a gem in our community.

ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: If the preservation plan goes through, owners of Frank Lloyd Wright designed-structures will receive tax breaks and compensation. The designation also prevents owners from substantially changing or destroying the building without the city’s approval.

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