'On Trails' Explores Natural, Spiritual Paths Through Life

Published: Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 3:39pm
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(Photo by Sarah Ventre- KJZZ)
Hikers make their way up the Echo Canyon trail at Camelback Mountain.

Hiking is an activity a lot of us in Arizona take part in—whether it’s casual with the dog or something deeply challenging. But the focus tends to be on the physical aspects of it, on how our muscles feel or the sound of snapping of twigs under our shoes.

In his new book "On Trails: An Exploration," Robert Moor looks at trails in multiple ways— from the physical to the spiritual to technological. He was inspired to write by his experiences on the Appalachian Trail.

From the interview:

"We often say a spiritual path, a career path, these are things that are projecting forward through space and time and are sort of leading you forward. Then we talk about our trail, which oftentimes we think of as projecting backwards behind us...All of us as walkers, I mean that in the metaphorical sense, walkers trying to move through this life and make sense of it and navigate this chaotic landscape that is the universe, leaving these trails behind us, which then other people can pick up and follow and (it) become(s) their path forward."