Doctor: Skin Cancer No Longer A Death Sentence

Published: Monday, June 9, 2014 - 11:48am

Arizona’s triple-digit temperatures and sunscreen continue to go together, but a Valley oncologist says a diagnosis of melanoma is not the dread news it once was. 

Dr. John Kresl says with screening, early detection and more effective treatment the cure rate for the most deadly form of skin cancer has improved, year-over-year since the 1970s. 

And Kresl says anyone diagnosed with melanoma or another cancer needs to become their own biggest advocate.

“Seek out the information. Find other treatment options. Get second opinions, if they’re not offered by their physicians. It’s not that the physicians are trying to keep anything from them, it’s just those physicians may not always have all of the treatment technologies available," he said.

And, Kresl notes that while some cancers really only go into remission, skin cancer can be cured, with the right treatment and follow-up care.

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