Former ASU QB Settles Likeness Lawsuit With NCAA

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Monday, June 9, 2014 - 11:36am

The NCAA has settled a case over the use of college player images in football and basketball themed video games.

Former Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller was the lead plaintiff in the case, which was settled today for $20 million. Keller sued Electronic Arts, owners of EA Sports, over the use of his image in video games.

A court ruling last year said EA Sports could not use the First Amendment to protect it against the rights of publicity claims filed by Keller. 

The result of that decision was that Keller and the others involved were able to seek compensation from the NCAA for looking the other way and increasing its royalty payments by using the student likenesses.

Keller’s attorney, Rob Carey, called that hypocrisy. The NCAA says the agreement will provide money to certain Division I men’s basketball and Bowl Subdivision football players, though details are still being finalized.

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