Death row inmate execution postponed, Phoenix Catholic clergy attend vigil

March 06, 2013

The execution of an Arizona man scheduled to be put to death Wednesday has been postponed. Late Tuesday night, the U.S. Supreme Court denied Arizona’s request to lift the Ninth Circuit Court order that blocked the execution. Before the high court made its decision, a vigil was held for the death row inmate at the state capital. The second ranking Catholic bishop in the Phoenix Diocese was there.

Catholic Bishop NevaresPhoenix Diocese Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo Nevares speaks to opponents of capital punishment during a Tuesday night vigil at the Arizona state capitol. (Photo by Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez - KJZZ)

NADINE ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: This is Bishop Eduardo Nevares' second appearance at an execution vigil. At Tuesday evening’s gathering, Nevares prayed for Edward Schad. He was convicted of murdering a 74-year-old Bisbee man in 1978. Vigil organizers say clergies from other denominations often attend their anti-death sentence vigils like this one, but it’s rare to have a ranking member of the Phoenix Diocese participate. Nevares says he came here because like the church, he believes capital punishment is wrong.

BISHOP EDUARDO NEVARES: It is a beautiful unifying cord that exists from the first moment of conception, human life, all the way up to natural death. So, yes, death penalty is one abuse of human life.

ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: Nevares has a history of working with inmates. He was once a prison chaplain.







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