Tucson prison on lockdown after fight

March 04, 2013

More than 1,000 inmates at a state prison in Tucson remain on lockdown after a riot broke out Sunday.

It’s the second fight involving prisoners at the prison within the past six months.

State Corrections officials say the fight involved more than 400 inmates; 17 prisoners were injured and two prison staff members received minor wounds in the riot that involved Mexican-American, White and African-American prisoners. 

But, DOC spokesman Bill Lamoreaux said its too early to say if the fight was racially motivated. He says the disturbance happened in a minimum security unit where inmates are not confined to cells.

“They are actually more of a dormitory style so there may be ten inmates that share a dorm or even more or even 20. So, they are in lockdown mode, but 80 inmates that were involved in the fight have already been transferred to other units in the state," Lamoreaux said.

Lamoreaux said no visitors are allowed into the Whetstone unit while the investigation continues. Another fight involving 200 inmates erupted at a separate wing of the same Tucson prison last year sending 11 people to the hospital. 

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