Resolution to establish Arizona sovereignty up for Senate vote

March 04, 2013

A Senate vote is expected Monday on a resolution supporters say would establish state sovereignty. It's similar to a measure that was rejected by Arizona voters last year, allowing the state to reject federal actions it believes are unconstitutional. Republican Chester Crandell, the bill's sponsor, says a Supreme Court ruling is on his side.

"State governments do not need constitutional authorization to act,” Crandell said. “Our cases refer to this general power of governing possessed by the states but not by the federal government, as police power.”

But, Democratic Senator Ed Ableser says defying the federal government could put the state at risk,

“It subjects us to a litany of financial demise in Arizona because we will lose quite a bit of funding,” Ableser said.

Senator Steve Gallardo adds the bill is the kind of legislation that makes Arizona the butt of jokes across the country.

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