Full-Riding Share Services Start At Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport On Saturday

Published: Friday, June 17, 2016 - 5:34pm
Tiara Vian/KJZZ
Carl Ong says he works for Uber to "break the monotony of his day" as the owner of a travel agency.

Uber and Lyft drivers have been dropping off people without questions because the airport only regulates pick-ups. Now, drivers who follow the airport’s new policy can do both.

Those drivers must undergo background checks, but they may not be as detailed as the ones most taxi, limo and shuttle drivers experience.

In the past, Sky Harbor required fingerprints, but after Uber and Lyft pushed back, the airport added another option which searches for certain convictions going back seven years.

As a compromise, drivers who are not fingerprinted must park on the outer edges of the curb while those who do submit fingerprints get to park closer.

The new policy includes a surcharge of $3.25 for pick-ups which Uber and Lyft will pass on to passengers. The airport says the money will help cover city staff, landscaping and road repairs. 

Full details of the ground transporation policy overhaul can be found here.