Cell phone ban for teen drivers clears legislative panel

February 13, 2013

Teen drivers would not be allowed to use their cell phones, or other electronic devices after getting their licenses, under a proposal moving through the Arizona legislature. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.

The bill would apply to drivers in the first six months after getting their licenses, but would not apply once the driver turns 18. It would prohibit them from using their cell phones while driving, except in an emergency where it would be unsafe to, or they can’t pull over.

The ban would be a secondary offense, meaning police officers would have to stop a driver for something else in order to charge them with violating this law. Penalties include fines and extension of the restrictions – violating the law three times would mean a 30-day license suspension.

The state senate approved a similar bill last year, but it didn’t get a hearing in the house. This year’s version won the approval Wednesday of the Senate Public Safety Committee, but has to clear another panel before being heard by the full senate.

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