Federal judge overturns Arizona law targeting Planned Parenthood

February 11, 2013

A federal judge has overturned a 2012 Arizona anti-abortion law targeting Planned Parenthood. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Lynn Kelly reports.

U.S. District Judge Neil Wake said the law's ban on Medicaid funding for non-abortion health care provided by doctors and clinics that also perform abortions violates federal Medicaid law.

At issue in the case is whether the abortion providers would be barred from being paid with public money for non-abortion services such as cervical exams.

Legislative supporters of the law said it would ensure that no public money subsidizes abortion, and attorneys for the state argued that the state was allowed to decide qualifications for health care providers. However, Wake said Arizona's ban exceeded the state's authority and was a "strained interpretation" of federal law.

It’s unknown whether the state will appeal.

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