Awning collapses at Phoenix College

February 05, 2013

An awning made of steel and plaster that was attached to a classroom building at Phoenix College has collapsed.

No one was injured, according to a spokesperson, but up to 15 students and staff were evacuated from Building H. Witnesses said fire trucks and police cars raced to the scene, but emergency crews didn't have much to do once they got there.

"It could have been so much worse on so many levels," Facilities Director Doug McCarthy said. "If it had fallen on people it would have hurt or killed them. If the banister wasn’t there to support it, it could have blocked the doors and trapped the students in the classroom."

The H building was constructed in the 1950s and remodeled about a decade ago. The second-floor awning that failed was part of that renovation. A structural engineer has been called out to investigate, McCarthy said. 

Students who have classes in the building will be relocated until it reopens. School officials said that could take two weeks.

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