Benedictine University starts hiring

January 28, 2013

Benedictine University is hiring eight new faculty members for its satellite campus in Mesa.

Judy Baker Judy Baker answers questions for prospective students at Benedictine University's branch campus in Mesa. (File photo by Peter O'Dowd - KJZZ)

Arizona’s first Catholic university will begin classes this fall.

"There’s no track record of success with a campus here in Mesa," said Dean Mick Carroll. "We’re really starting from scratch and I think that might spook some people who might worry, ‘how long are we going to be around.’"

So Carroll said he’s looking for professors who are willing to take a risk. They will not be traditional tenure-track positions, but they will require innovative teaching in fields like Theology, Nutrition, Fine Arts and Criminal Justice, Carroll said. 

That’s because Benedictine classes will be lecture-free. The curriculum will be interactive and focus on problem-solving.  Benedictine is one of five schools opening satellite campuses in Mesa. The city of Peoria is also seeking non-profit private colleges to boost economic development.







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