Broken Border - a new Fronteras series, January 21-28

January 17, 2013


KJZZ Enews: Broken Border Immigration Reform in the Southwest, a Fronteras Changing America Desk series on91.5 KJZZ, January 21-28

Our immigration system is broken.

An estimated 11 million people live in the United States without proper documentation. Visas are hard to come by, making it difficult to meet our labor needs and causing backlogs that have separated families for nearly 20 years.  The U.S. spent a staggering 18 billion dollars on immigration enforcement last year-- yet undocumented travelers continue to cross over.

Broken Border, a new series by the Fronteras: Changing America Desk unravels the complexities of the immigration reform debate to reveal what matters most to people living in the Southwest.

Fronteras reporters will take you to California farms, employers' offices in Arizona and legislative offices across the southwest to examine the impact of undocumented workers on our region and we ask: what do Latino voters expect of President Obama and his plans for immigration reform in his last term?

You can hear these reports beginning Monday, January 21 on 91.5 KJZZ,
during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

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