StoryCorps Phoenix 2013

StoryCorps Phoenix


The StoryCorps team was at the Phoenix Art Museum in March to interview KJZZ listeners as part of its cross-country 2013 MobileBooth tour.

You can hear conversations from StoryCorps Phoenix participants by clicking on each story below.

StoryCorps MobileBooth team photoThe Story Behind StoryCorps Senior Field Correspondent Stina Sieg chats with the MobileBooth team about their lives on the road. Photo of Marion and James DurhamJames and Marion Durham talk about their 42 years of married life and Marion's impact on the U.S. Park Service. 

Fernanda Philbrick and Roberta SantosFernanda Philbrick and her sister Roberta Santos talk about the hardships and challenges of leaving Brazil for the United States.

Zachary and Claire Robertin photoClaire and Zachary Robertin discuss Zach’s approach to the world-- living with Asperger's Syndrome.

Photo of Barbara Sausen and Pat SopperBarbara Sausen and her best friend Pat Sopper share memories about their teenage escapades.

Sandra Day O'Connor and Scott O'ConnorSandra Day O'Connor and her son Scott O'Connor talk about the Chief Justice's life before her judicial career.

Ed and Claire KerrEd and Claire Kerr talk about Ed's difficult childhood and the transformation that helped him to become the person he is today. 

Photo of Kelli and Anthony LittleKelli Little and her son Anthony recall the strains on their relationship as Anthony was growing up.

Amy Donohue and James Pietragello photoAmy Donohue and her friend James Pietragallo talk about their non-profit organization, which encourages people to donate a kidney.  

StoryCorpsCat Hammad and her friend Tamara Heins talk about the special way in which Cat and her daugher Chandra communicate.

Irma and Jes Quiroz photoJes Quiroz tells his daugter Irma Quiroz about a childhood mistake that nearly cost him his life.

Daniel and Gloria Abril photoDaniel Abril and his aunt Gloria look back on the challenges Daniel overcame as he was growing up with several cognitive disabilities.

Photo of Anna Berlenga and Lilia AlvarezLilia Alvarez chats with Anna Berlenga about how she was taught to stand up for her convictions and how she's doing that today.

Photo of David and SuzanneDavid and Suzanne Harbster reminisce about David’s days as a teacher and as Dave the Scientist on the Wallace and Ladmo Show.

Photo of Tom and LisaTom Hamilton shares memories with his daughter Lisa about owning a small business in Phoenix and trekking across the globe. 

Photo of Tim and BrianTim Mikkelson and his friend Brian Koch talk about Tim's decision to start a company of his own.

Photo of Celeste and Peggy PlumleePeggy and Celeste Plumlee talk about Peggy's potentially life-threatening disease and how it has changed their relationship.

Photo of Jenny and MarkJenny Rose talks to Mark Teismann about her days as a teenager-- before she knew Mark was her biological father.

Ruth Jurhill and Dale EvansRuth Jurhill and her daugher Dale Evans recall the hardships their family experienced during the Indonesian Revolution.

Photo of Patty and Patricia TrauschPatricia Trausch and her daugher Patty look back on Patricia's youth and her quest to become an educator.

Elizabeth and OliverElizabeth Cusma and Oliver Renwick talk about Elizabeth's history of addiction and how she turned her life around.

Jonscott Williams and Imani Williams-VaughnJonscott Williams chats with his daughter Imani Williams-Vaughn about life in the early 60s, divorce and a special song that unites them.

O'ConnorWe conclude StoryCorps Phoenix 2013 with another conversation between Sandra Day O'Connor and her son Scott O'Connor.

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Irma and Jes Quiroz photoJes Quiroz tells his daugter Irma Quiroz about a chidhood mistake that nearly cost him his life.