Tempe Could Change Advertising Rules For Bike Share Program

Published: Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 5:47pm
City of Phoenix)
Dockless bikes.

As Tempe moves forward with plans to launch a public bike rental program similar to Phoenix and Mesa, city leaders must decide whether to allow advertising to offset costs.

When someone rents a bike under the public programs in Phoenix and Mesa, they’re often exposed to advertising at the bike stations, racks, even the bicycle baskets. That’s how the two cities cover annual operating costs.

But, Tempe has a long-standing policy that limits advertising on city infrastructure and bans it on transit equipment. If council members decide to keep the current advertising rules, the city and Arizona State University would each pay $50,000 a year to cover operating costs. According to a city report, if Tempe allowed advertising on the bike share system, the city and ASU would not be required to contribute to the annual operations costs.

Tempe plans to launch its program with 300 bikes at more than 25 stations late this fall or early winter.