Prop 123 Advocates Raise Millions, Opponents Only Hundreds

Published: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 9:34am
(Photo courtesy of Yes Prop 123 committee, via Twitter)

Advocates of Proposition 123 have raised more than $4 million to support the education funding initiative. Opponents, however, haven’t done as well.

Andrew Gardner of Tucson says his opposition group “Vote No On Prop 123” has only raised $617. But Gardner hopes to spend time educating voters about the proposition.

He says aspects like taking more money out of a trust already set aside for education is a problem.

"By the time my son is ready for high school, the trust will generate at least $70 million fewer every year because the value of the trust will not grow the way (it) otherwise would," Gardner said.

But Prop 123 spokesman Christian Palmer says that clause doesn’t start for another 10 years.

"And what it's there to do is, of course, to protect the state's ability to fund its other vital services: public safety, health care and universities," Palmer said.

Voters will decide on Prop 123 during a statewide special election on May 17.


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