University students will have one fewer fee in AZ

November 27, 2012

The Arizona Board of Regents voted Monday to suspend collection of a fee on all university students. The $2-a-semester fee funds the Arizona Students Association and is tacked on to tuition fees. It's not mandatory, but takes a written request within 21 days of the start of classes to opt out.

Regent Jay Heiler says there had been concern about authorizing the fee, which is outside the Regents' control. But the $120,000 the Association put into support of Prop 204, turned the tide.

"When the 204 funding came along, that borught the matter into clear relief for everybody, and forced it really up near the top of the angeda for the regents, in the sense that there's been a tremendous amount of discussion of it by the board ever since then," Heiler said.

The regents will revisit the issue in February, when they'll decide whether to allow the fee again and if so, in what amount.