Congress Is Back, But Likely Won't Tackle Major Issues

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Monday, April 28, 2014 - 12:24pm

Members of Congress are returning to Washington after a two-week break, but the chance of major legislation winning approval looks doubtful.

Republicans are accusing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of refusing to allow consideration of any amendments to bills that come up for Senate votes. 

Arizona Sen. John McCain calls it an abuse of power by the Nevada lawmaker.

“I know we’ll get beat up, I’ll get beat up. It’s fine. Give me an amendment, one amendment. Robert Byrd, most respected senator in the United States Senate: ‘Every senator deserves to have amendments considered and voted on,'” McCain said.

McCain said Reid didn’t originate the tactic but that he’s taken it to a fine art.

In the House, majority Republicans are going another route, with the same result, according to the Democrats. They’re keeping major bills like immigration reform from going to the floor. 

Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva says the reform measure would pass easily, if it were put to a vote. He says the Republican leadership has effectively kept it from coming to a vote on the floor.

Grijalva said he thinks it’s up to the American public to put pressure on House GOP leaders.

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